Growing with great artists, excellent musicians and incredible talents, nhb music has come a long way – from a small creative music studio in Hamburg to one of the most influential music composition houses for advertising in Germany.

With our hand-picked network of composers and our years of experience, we will realise your vision and create the perfect, handcrafted music to propel your images through time and space.

Our in-house studios for music creation and production team state-of-the-art technology with the finest vintage equipment, to give your production a unique edge.

No matter the genre or style, our network of musicians, artists and singers will bring even your most fanciful fantasies to blossom. 


During the final mixdown, we offer you a sonic experience which will transport you to any possible audio-universe. Our multi-talented artists and state-of-the-art equipment deliver audio mixdowns for all international standards.

We provide cutting-edge, innovative and globally recognised audio output. From stereo mixdowns for television or the internet, to Dolby 5.1 Surround for cinema or Dolby Atmos mixes, deliverable in all standards. We can meet all international requirements. 


Which song fits the brand and - above all - the budget?

Finding the right song, contacting the rights holders and clearing the music rights in time for the start of a campaign can be a challenge. But not for us. Our comprehensive service covers everything from music research – our archives and libraries contain more than 300,000 songs – to the clearing and purchase of the necessary rights and the final, formal licencing contract.

For the commercial use of protected music in an audiovisual project, the music must first be licensed. This is regardless of whether it’s an entire song or a short excerpt.

As the interface between music and the advertising industry, we conduct the entire contractual negotiation for the promotional use of a song.

We take complete responsible for clearing the rights with the original rights holders.

Which music rights are to be considered?

As a rule of thumb:

for promotional use, two synchronisation licences must be acquired

– the copyright licence of the music publisher, who represents the interests of the composers and lyricists.

– the master-use licence of the record label which owns the master rights of the original recording of the song.

However, due to the artists’ personal rights, the actual decision makers for the approval of a song are the lyricists and composers (for the musical work – copyright) and the performers (for the original recording – master right).

Furthermore, performance fees or streaming rights may have to be acquired from the responsible collection society. In Germany, for example, this is usually GEMA.

What does the song cost?

Licensing costs vary from case to case due to various parameters such as duration of use, the respective medium, the territory of a campaign, as well as the brand itself which wants to acquire the song.

Brand partnerships with artists

We will take you through the whole process, starting with the perfect timing for the release of your campaign’s song, to a comprehensive cooperation with the artists for events, live performances or the creation of your own content for your media channels.

Partnership And Fairness For All Involved.

Publishing & LAbel Services

At nhb music publishing we manage a wide-ranging catalogue of various genres, moods and, above all, handcrafted music

Our in-house administration ensures independent and timely rights management: communication with the collection societies, effective inspections as well as the monitoring of worldwide publishing rights.

Creative work with authentic music productions and artists is what makes us burn.

With comprehensive know-how about the meta-world, TikTok and current trends in mind, we develop uplifting release strategies with our partners in crime and an international network.

Sound Design

The fusion of music, sound design and voice is an elaborate construction which we tailor to your specific needs.

We take your audio-visual project to the next level with masterfully crafted sound design of our in-house audio engineers.


The human brain processes millions of sensory impressions every second and our hearing plays a very central role in this process. Unlike images, sound is directly linked to our emotions and memories. Our eyes only open after birth, but our ears are already active in the womb.

On average, the human heart beats 72 times a minute, over this same period we inhale and exhale 18 times. Our natural rhythm is therefore a 4/4 beat. But whatever the rhythm, it is the harmony of sounds which moves us.

A sonic identity creates a direct link between the brand and the customer’s emotions, which a purely visual Corporate Identity can never equal.

We look for the DNA of the brand, which should be recognisable at all points of contact. A successful sonic identity rises above those of the competition.

never heard & felt before | nhb case studies

BMW: the sound of sovereignty. Two anvil strokes. A long finish. Space. Grandeur.

Hornbach: the sound of success. The sound of a brand which always breaks all the rules. “Yippieeh Yeah Yeah, Yippieh Yippieeh Yeah!”

The challenge here is not to ‘translate’ the brand into sound, but to create a trademark. In order to create a successful corporate sound, there are three components which must come together:

››› the core of the brand

››› an intelligent strategy

››› fantastic sound design

That is exactly our objective: to inspire people with the brand’s message. Through sound.

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